• Ocular Prosthesis- We fit and fabricate ocular prostheses to match all of the specific details of an individual patient ‘s natural globe, based upon an impression of the socket.  Iris, pupil, scleral veining, and scleral tinting are custom replicated to match the fellow eye.  If the patient is missing both eyes, we can be trusted to create convincing artificial eye paintings by taking into account the patient’s age and complexion.

• Therapeutic Scleral Shell Prosthesis – We create flush-fitting, opaque, acrylic, cover shells fitted over phthisical or eviscerated globes based upon an impression of the globe. Iris, pupil, scleral veining and tinting are custom replicated to match the fellow eye.

• Post Surgical Conformers – We create plastic shells/shapes used to prevent collapse or closing of the socket during post-operative healing.

• Expansion Conformers – We enlarge contracted, malformed, and pediatric sockets with a series of progressively larger therapeutic shapes/conformers. Expansion conformers are custom fitted at the office visit based on each individual case.

• Complete Follow-Up Care – Our personal service continues beyond the fitting to ensure maximum comfort and optimal appearance. Future visits to our office are planned according to specific needs of the patient, including size adjustments, check-ups, polishes and cleanings for improved cosmesis, comfort, and wearability.



• Custom-made conformers

• Corneal protection shields for use during surgery

• Willingness to see a patient in your office or Exam Under Anesthesia (EUA)