Office Visits

Initial Visit

We welcome new patients with a free consultation as directed by an eye care specialist. The actual fabrication time will vary depending on the amount of prosthetic correction necessary for each patient. The entire fitting and painting process is usually completed in three office visits lasting approximately one to two hours each.  An eye can be completed over the span of one to two weeks, depending on your preferred schedule.

Fitting and Painting

Visit 1. The fitting process starts with an exact impression of the socket. A precise, custom anatomical shape is carefully designed to provide maximum comfort, motility, and natural appearance. Custom painting follows with attention to detail of the iris and pupil size, alignment and color of your natural eye.

Visit 2. The ocularist will custom paint your iris and sclera (white of the eye) as well as apply thread veining to match your companion eye.

Visit 3. When the fabrication process is complete, the ocularist will skillfully adjust the custom prosthesis if necessary to comfortably restore the most natural appearance that can be achieved. All patient questions about wearing the prosthesis and caring for it will be thoroughly addressed.


To ensure maximum comfort and optimal appearance we recommend a polishing every 6-12 months.  This visit allows us to remove protien deposits and scratches caused from normal wear and handling.  We also examine the fit of the prosthesis and the condition of the anophthalmic socket.  It is very important that each patient make regular return visits as directed by your ocularist or eye care specialist to determine what type of follow-up care is necessary.

New out of Surgery Patients

We fit new out of surgery patients with a custom conformer.  This allows us to remove the clear post surgical conformer and insert a custom conformer that looks more like your companion eye until the final eye is fabricated and while the socket is healing.  You will be given instructions for insertion and removal as well as care and cleaning.

Scleral Shell Patients

Visit 1. An impression is taken of the blind eye to provide the most comfortable fit and natural appearance.

Visit 2. A clear trial shell is then fabricated and a “wearing schedule” is given. Wearing time is gradually increased over a 2-3 week period. You will be given instructions for insertion and removal as well as care and cleaning.

Visit 3. After it is established the shell is well tolerated with wearing times up to 12 hours without discomfort the final shell is fitted.

Visit 4. The shell is then custom painted with attention to detail of the iris and pupil size, coloration, and the veining and tinting of the sclera of your natural eye.

Visit 5. The shell is delivered. Any questions or concerns will be addressed.